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Hello + Big Love! I'm glad you are here ♥

I invite you to create at our boutique day events at Studio #103 at the Pendleton Art Center in Downton Middletown, Ohio [one of America's newest Main Street communities!] or at a weekend getaway retreat focused on pampering, wellbeing + trend setting creative experiences. 

Now scheduling private Ancestor Art parties for you + yours to highlight a modern photo lost amongst the cloud -OR- finally get that antiquated photo of Grandma out of the closet. You BYOA [Ancestors} and beverages/snacks + I provide the rest!

Permission to play, curiosity to explore and vulnerability are highly encouraged.

Patti Digh says, "The shortest distance between two people is their story." Here are a few chapters of mine, what's yours? 

copyright 2015 Glenda Miles
all rights reserved