Compelling Ancestors

It is my great honor + privilege of co-creating ancestor art with others. Beautiful and compelling stories of kindreds; grandmothers, fathers, aunts, mothers, grandchildren, brothers, sisters, children and the People we love and call Family.

You might discover from bringing ancestors “back to life” through collage, ephemera and encaustic wax, there is an unexpected kinship . . . our collective human story appears during the creative process.

During ancestor art our common humanity becomes evident.

Even though we may not share the same biological features, we often find we do share common themes:

  • the pride in our family, heritage or accomplishments

  • the need for comfort and companionship

  • the instinct for survival and resiliency in the face of adversity

  • the desire for health and happiness 

  • the need to be seen, heard and accepted

  • and more  . . .

These are shared aspects of our human experience: they inspire and guide our lives no matter who we are, no matter how different we are from others, no matter where we live.

Thank you one + all for sharing your ancestors and stories with me in 2017.

Until Soon, 

xoxo Glenda

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