stories stuck inside

Personal revelations aren’t easy.

I believe that collage awakens the story stuck inside.

So many chapters live in me.

A book I created in April 2017 about being left behind in San Fransisco.

I have discovered that creating these mini books is emotionally healing. When I need comfort, insight or answers, I simply hold or open my books.

When creating like this my inner life manifests outward:

  • Exploring and expressing honest feelings.

  • Soothing the heartbreak of living bereavement.

  • Literally “making” peace with abandonment.


If you can relate, please know you are not alone and if you are feeling brave enough I invite you to share your story creatively when you are ready.

I first learned this handmade bookmaking style from Sharon Payne Bolton and have since added my own twist of personal touches. Thank you Sharon ♥

Until soon,