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Greetings, I’m Glenda Miles. I’m so glad we found each other. Welcome to Creative Communion; a cozy corner of the world with built in belonging honoring essential creativity and the maker life. Throughout my life I’ve been many things, but mostly in my heart & mind I’m a Maker, Mama, Beloved, Auntie, Grandmother, Thought Provoker, Cali-Girl, Dreamer, Doer, Change Agent, Citizens Advocate, Visual Artist and Chief Cheerleader for Creative Living. I deeply care about MTH [making things happen] and holding the spotlight on gatherings for connection and creativity. Follow me as we debunk the myth of “I don’t have a creative bone in my body!” and declare permission for curiosity, play and participation.


Creativity is For Everyone

I’ve been described as an unstoppable enthusiast for creative living and the maker lifestyle. I thrive on collaborating with innovative artisans, creative entrepreneurs and forward thinking organizations and community centers. I owe my passion and hunger for creative living to my Grandmother, who plopped me down at an old Singer Sewing machine at age five. She inspired an appreciation for ordinary beauty and simple pleasures that would later become a touchstone as I became a fierce Mother and advocate for my amazing son with Autism. When he was born with Congenital Rubella Syndrome, there was no how-to manual in sight. What didn’t exist needed to be created in order to support our family. This I know…the spark of insatiable curiosity and scratch-made life started by my Grandmother continued to flame a quest to understand, interpret, communicate and survive the strange new world of Autism Spectrum Disorder. My essential creativity saved me, saved Jamie, and assured a brighter future for us.

A {deferred} Dream Actualized…

I could crown myself Queen of Postponement… NOT by choice but circumstance, the caregiving carousel & life duties. It’s a GOOD thing my dream has been a dedicated sweetheart and never left my side. I’m so grateful for the gifts of grit, resilience, and transformation from my Grandmother, Jamie and others in my life. Join me as I celebrate the {deferred} dream actualizing in the launch of my “second act”; Creative Communion. Let’s honor our essential creative selves as we imagine, produce and manage our daily lives in diverse ways. Let’s share the magic of permission granting for our creative selves to feel seen, heard, valued and understood. Besides planning events & experiences, I make, sew and collage all kinds of mixed media goodies in Studio 103 at Pendleton Art Center. In the summer months you can find me hanging out with some of my favorite people, K-8th graders, instructing unique arts programming. To learn more about my educational credentials, experience and view my professional portfolio, please visit me on LinkedIn. Truly, the maker in me, honors the maker in you. xoxo

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