Re-Art Rhonda




re-art Rhonda

“In the spirit of co-creation, Re-Art Rhonda celebrates the life of an artist that was taken from this world too soon.

Rhonda Gardner was working as a Lead Artists on the “Jammin” mural at Governor’s Square, in Middletown, when she suffered a series of strokes that unfortunately led to her death. Rhonda was accomplished in many media, but never had the luxury to devote enough time to her art.

To honor her legacy, her found UFO’s (Un-Finished Objects) & WIP’s (Works in Progress), will be re-imagined in a collaborative exhibit called “Re-Art Rhonda” . She worked in a wide range of media, and was an avid collector, and we found inspiration for new work! 

Check out the Exhibition Catalog here

For my contribution I took Rhonda’s UFO collection of washers, watch parts, nuts, bolts, rusty bits and bobbles to design three steampunk necklaces. It was a perfect mash up of our vintage and mixed media styles. 

PS all 3 necklaces sold before the show! YAY for Re-Art Rhonda! ♥ 

xoxo Glenda