midwinter heARTs

How goes it,

I just returned from a Midwinter heART weekend gathering at the amazing Ephemera Paducah. We pondered and plotted the sweet escape last year but kept it private as a ‘test run’ for Kristen William’s launch of getaways at the Loft @ EphemeraEvery one that participated offered creative gifts of a mini workshop, nourishing shared meals / treats and general good-hearted company.  Doesn’t that sounds lovely? ♥

Here’s a recap of my experience:


Ancestor Art was first to initiate the weekend.  For a brief moment, I felt nervous until I looked around the shrine to creativity that we had assembled in and realized ho fortunate I was to be in this moment sharing my passion with Scarlet, Allison, Carol, Mary Beth, Valerie, Kristin, Krystie and Brenda. During Encaustic Story Collage we shared stories of our beloveds; discovering handwritten letters, remembering a favorite shirt, adoring pose; loved ones long gone but remembered again through art. Even revealing the own younger child within; long forgotten but recollected. Zoe, the Honorary First {but not last, I’m sure} ancestor fur baby, was created this weekend.

The Story of Us – missing Brenda Bliss

Allison + Dianne shared a DIY Felted Wool Travelers Notebook. This was brand-new-experience for me! I actually enjoyed needle felting and created a beautiful handmade journal that I can’t show in entirety because it’s a gift for my sister. If I could wave a magic wand, I would wish it so for her attend retreats with me. But because she cannot, I always make something for her at everyone I am fortunate enough to experience.

sneak peek!


Once we dug through the massive stash of upholstery swatches we all became obsessed with getting our boho on. I couldn’t wait to make a Boho Bags with Brenda Bliss. These aren’t your mama’s bags – they are badass. Artsy, vibrant, expressive and HUGE! I brought a bag of patches from Snip, Sip + Sew events and designer fabric from Hartz Fabrics from California to share with everyone and kicked off my boots and got to work. After years of buying other’s bags or facilitating events where these are made – I finally made my very own! SQUEEL!

front / patches from friends + studio
panel gifted by Kim Griggs

Krystie helped us get comfortable with our torches, soldering irons and flux. I actually like to solder but do it so infrequently I don’t feel comfortable. Her confidence was inspiring. And we learned about slug tape. It’s a thing. Who knew?

Kristin loaded up a table with all kinds of LOVE at the Valentine’s bar. We made art to our hearts desire with all the generous supplies laid out.

Mary Beth brought Seth Apter’s  Baked Texture Embossing Powders  to add to her pARTs bar so of course, I had to make a few cards!

Baked Texture: Rocky Road w/ Acrylic High Flow
Baked Texture: Vintage Beeswax


Finally, Carol, showed me old schools skills upgraded. Crocheting – but with beads! I haven’t crocheted since I was 13 years old and it was never like this. Who would have thought a chain stitch could be so darn sparkly?

In between creating, sewing, working and after eating, we were encouraged to move, breath, stretch and take care of our bodies from Yogi Scarlet.

Friends olden and newfound longing for connection traveled from Ohio, Tennessee, Kentucky and Indiana to share time, talent and sustenance.

In a circle, we shared stories, explored our creativity, and recognized the oneness in each other.  We need circles of women and nurturing places to gather. I’m grateful for Ephemera Paducah.

Until soon,