Coronavirus Info

“A good half of the art of living is resilience.” 

Alain de Botton

May 2021

Dear beloved guests,


I hope this message finds you physically well and emotionally secure. Even as we are turning a corner, we are still in the luminal time. After fifteen months of abundance, caution and protection, I'm casting courage and radical hope and stepping into 'fingers crossed" for small gatherings this summer and fall of 2021.


It's time to get back to what we love to do and we must do it with care to build confidence. As restrictions are lifted and vaccinations increase, there is no longer the need for an emergency COVID refund policy. A coronovirus exception makes more sense.  


I'm fully vaccinated. All retreats and studio gatherings will be "planned with a purpose" following trusted reliable sources and public health guidelines from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Ohio Governor Mike Dewine, the Ohio Health Department and local health department regulations.


For everyones safety, all retreats, workshops and studio gatherings will be risk assessed and operated under the CDC guiding principles.


The coronavirus may still impact us as vaccinations roll out and we strive for herd immunity. If at the time of a retreat or workshop you and/or someone in your household has the coronavirus and is quarantined as a result of exposure, please stay home and take care of you and yours! If you cannot attend a retreat or workshop at the last minute due to exposure, illness or caregiving, a Covid19 exception to the cancellation policy will be made. 

  1. Move your current retreat or studio workshop to another one of equal value to a later date.

  2. Carry credit to a 2022 experience and get first dibs.

Our hearts, minds and bodies are built for connection.

My 🖤 is with yours.

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