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Swap Your Stash at the Art Central Foundation
 5th annual Destash Swap for Creatives!

Destash {v} the existing accumulative "stash" [cache'] of a creative, artist and/or crafter that is bundled up, schlepped to a swap and traded with another craftsperson in exchange for different, often newer materials. 


In other words -- stash is our excess clean & usable stuff: inventory, second hands, leftovers, gently used goods, overstocks, fabrics, papers, reserves, stockpiles, supplies-that-we-bought-with-good-intentions-but-will-probalby-never-use, etc.


Who are swappers?

Artists, creatives, makers, DIY'ers, creative entrepreneurs, artists, designers, tinkerers, sewists, painters, ephemera collectors, collectors, etc.

Sunday, March 10th, Daylight Savings Day, is a perfect day to "Spring Forward with decluttering and destashing. You bring your {clean and usable} but unwanted stash and get stuff in exchange. Something you may consider worthless or disposable, another creative may deem valuable! This is a money free exchange - all items are to be swapped 1:1.

How it works.

Why Swap?

Because, community. Our Destash Swap is not only economical and eco-friendly, but a great excuse to make friends and exchange and/or pass along our excess stuff.  We invite you to swap ideas, business cards and handshakes.

Clean out your craft closet and come celebrate our fifth Destash! 


amy destash.jpg


for creatives

Sunday, March 8, 2020

Art Central Foundation

4 North Main St,

Middletown OH 45042
(513) 422-4435

1:00 pm - 3:00 pm

$10 per person

3/8/19 Sunday - 2 am clocks
spring forward one hour 


PRIOR: organize, sort and count your stash. Upon arrival if you know what you have and how much it will be easier to organize when you self-sort on the tables. The total count of your items determines the amount of swapped items you return home with. For efficiency and swap effectiveness, please bundle your smaller items by using inexpensive baggies, tape or string. These bundles will count as "1" item. 


ARRIVAL: Grab your name tag & start self-sorting your goodies on the multiple identified swap tables. Categories include but are not limited to; paper products, fabrics/fibers, ephemera, metals, supplies, paints, hodgepodge, and much, MUCH more.  


SELF-SORTING: 1:00 pm-1:30 pm: Self-sort & display your items onto the easily identified and labeled tables.


SWAPPING: 1:30 pm-3:00 pm:  We'll encourage everyone to take a lap or two around the room to  survey the offerings. To "purchase", simply think, 1:1 swap. You get to choose one item for every item you brought to swap. The value, size or dimensions do not matter here. This is sharing economy, if you bring 10 items, you get 10 in items in swap, if you bring 20, you get 20, 5 for 5, etc.  Much like a roadside farm stand, the honor system will be used in tracking swapping   


This is a giving/sharing community minded event. Everyone will be encouraged to take their time, be considerate of others and not to hoard items to ensure that the experiences is rewarding for all parties involved. Feel free to swap biz cards, ideas & handshakes.


All leftover swap items will be donated to

The Art Central Foundation SAW (Summer Art Workshop) youth programming.

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