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Zero calories + good karma!


Click on the pdf icon to fully view the collage sheets.

Feel free to download/print + use in your creations. All images are from my handmade collection and can be used for your artwork. Freely enjoy the images but please do not sell or share collage sheets.

Thoughts on 'found photos" (aka rescued photos, adopted ancestors, etc.) which are forlorn pictures often used by artists who are drawn to nostalgia and sentimental art.


Through the years, many kinds of snapshots have found their way into my life. I am compelled by common themes that can be found in discarded photos from the past; pride, devotion, weariness, loss, resilience, and more. The reimagined images come from a place of shared humanity. I collect, curate and design with this heart-felt intention for diversity and belonging because respect and inclusion are important to me.

FREE collage

sheet #1

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