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3 gifts in 1 - Free Shipping in US


📢 I personally purchased this book from a Parisian book seller while spending the day exploring the Rue du Renard which included the wonderful Pompidou Centre and the hauntingly beautiful Church of St-Merry, 


Curated for the lover of old tomes and French collectibles. 


French bundle contains:

  • One French vintage children's book "Ravna Chez Les Lapons" Estrid Ott 1946. Ready for legit display or creative disruption for art making. Book measures: 4.75" W x 7" L x .75" D. Book is in good condition with slight wear/tear on the spine.
  • One original French Baby Announcement Carte Postale dated March 17, 1908 with baby in cabbage and handwriting on front/back. Good condition - slight bend top right hand. VERY clear color. Stamp is missing - handwriting all legible. 
  • One oritinal French Carte Postale dated August 3, 1928.  Handwriting on the back. Black and white photo of child in sailor suit, cane, and t-strap shoes. Excellent condition. 

FREE Shipping within the US

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Petite Claude

  • Through the years, many kinds of snapshots have found their way into my extensive collection.
    I am compelled by themes of our common humanity that can be found in discarded photos from the past; pride, devotion, weariness, loss, resilience, love and more. I am mindful that not everyone was and is visible through photography. With that in mind, respect, equity and belonging are at the center of my collections, curating and creations. 

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