6 pages that open horizontally. 

Each page individually collaged and covered with long lasting encaustic medium. One page has a eco printed window and one page has a eco printed pocket page cover. 


Measures: 5" x 7"

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Vintage lace shaped in wings personally purchased from Paris flea market

original relciamed antique door hardware 

Tulle and eco printed fabrics for a windows and a pocket

Misc tissues

Paints, gessos and encaustic applications

Coptic stitched


Lyric from Railroad Wings | Patty Griffin

All these years along, the lights are growing dim
I hear you sing your song in the next room
And as far as I can tell, most everything means nothing
Except some things that mean everything

Railroad Wings book

  • You are buying a handmade item not something mass produced by a machine. Because I use antiquarian objects that vary in age they are different and unpredictable. The collage and encaustic process sometimes brings unexpected end results with coloring and texture. I use both high standards of artistic quality and allow the natural materials to be highlighted

    Expect to be surprised by imperfect shapes, antique folds, fuzzy fibers and discolorations from unknown touches from the past. This is what gives this handmade story its special look. 

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