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Curated with loving care. Scratch & Dent (S&D) ancestor bundle #1 are pictures that are faded by time, smudged and wrinkled, have age splotches, torn and worn corners, are out of focus, have photo anomalies and show the messy markings of time.They are free from mildew, pet or smoke scent. These are originals paper photos from the past so they are sold as is.


Artists recognize that S&D, also known as seconds, are perfect (and good bargains) for mixed media!


Consider them for altering, watercoloring, painting, collage, gluing, layering, cutting, mixed media and continued storytelling.


Scratch & Dent Ancestors #1 Includes:

-13 actual photos black and white / sepia

-Pieces shown in photos will be same as pieces received

-Real vintage ephemera - not preproduction

-Sizes vary (3x3, 2.5x3, 4x6.5 inches)



-card making
-mixed media arts

Scratch and Dent Ancestors #1

  • Through the years, many kinds of snapshots have found their way into my extensive collection.

    I am compelled by our common humanity that can be found in discarded photos from the past ; pride, devotion, weariness, loss, resilience, and more. I collect, curate and design with intention for diversity and belonging because respect and inclusion are important to me.

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