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Creative Communion



We champion the power of creative well-being through art and radical inclusivity. 

We are a community of creatives who affirms humanity first, art second.

The impact of visual arts, storytelling and creative expression can be transformative.


We believe everyone is inherently creative. Art is culturally relevant, can promote emotional wellbeing and amplifies diverse voices. We are committed to lifelong un/learning, social action, and inclusive community building. We are pro human rights, civil liberties, Black lives matter, LBGTQ+ and climate justice. We invite you to co-create welcoming, equitable and socially-aware experiences with us.

Glenda Miles

Head Cheerleader

the heart of the matter

I am compelled to artistically reclaim forsaken photographs and the everyday discarded. I find comfort in neglected pictures and well-loved artifacts and see them as untold stories.

 Circling up and sharing our unique heartfelt expressions is the root of belonging.


Julie Hensley

Wing Woman

beauty in unusual places

Is it possible to find deeper meaning, and connection through music, visual arts, and creative expression? 

I believe it is.

I'm a natural ambassador and champion for our mission. As a health care professional, I value the relationship between arts and health outcomes. It's mood food!

julie-creative communion.jpg
We are all storytellers.png

The "Hullabaloo"
Our Way of Running a Business

"Making Art"

expressing feelings

conveying ideas

"Being a Student"

exploring + expanding skills

developing innate talents


like-hearted experiences

empathy workouts

"Being an Instructor"

sharing experience + expertise

being vulnerable + open

What’s the hullabaloo about Creative Communion? We strive for creative immersion. Process vs Product. Experience vs Event. Deep Dive vs. Surface Skimming.

What does all this mean? We're circling up as a valued guest (AKA student) interested in expanding and strengthening talents, skills and interests. By making and creating we get to express feelings and explore new ways of being.


In our collaborative circle of belonging, the experienced artisan (AKA instructor) is sharing their expertise, inspiration and guidance. All of this is happening in an inspiring nurturing environment where we exchange ideas, knowledge and creative energy, thus enriching the other.

From the working professional, the curious crafter, creative entrepreneur and arts organization we commune together in shared humanity and creative endeavors.

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