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Stenciled + Sprayed Saturday, April 6, 2019

10am - 5 pm 

Pendleton Art Center

1105 Central Ave

Middletown, OH 45044

$130 per person - mini retreat includes ALL speciality arts supplies, refreshments + snacks


Thank you for joining us for our S+S play day!

Make your own high end fashion during this mini retreat day with Carolyn! 

-- Enjoy the freedom to play. 

-- Bring 4 -6 items like t-shirts, button down shirts, skirts, aprons, canvas totes, canvas sneakers, fabric, or anything else you you’ve got.

- Pack a itty bitty supply kit of sharpie marker, scissors, paint brushes + a water cup.  

Dive into a mini retreat of stenciling, spraying + splattering w/ Marabou spray inks + StencilGirl stencils ALL provided for you! 

Your all inclusive ticket includes complimentary refreshments, treats + lunch from local downtown Middletown fave Mockingbirds Cafe. 

How would you like to know how to turn any cloth surface into something artsy & one of a kind? 

Join Carolyn Dube for Stenciled and Sprayed where you will be turning your everyday clothing and items like shirts, aprons, canvas totes into works of art.  


Zero experience needed! Here’s some of what will be covered as she breaks it all down: 

  • how to use Fashion spray and stencils

  • time saving short cuts

  • how to combine stencils to create your own design and how to get multiple looks with the same supplies 

  • plus, you’ll go home with the secret tool of an applicator  


The most important thing that you will experience during the day is freedom. The freedom to play. 

Letting loose and releasing your creative impulses with Carolyn there to guide you over any obstacles. 

That’s the long lasting joy of creating.


What will we be using?  Marabu Fashion Spray and StencilGirl stencils - all provided for you!  In fact, any of the special supplies, I’m bringing so you can pack light.  


All you need to bring is: 

  • a sharpie marker

  • scissors

  • paint brushes (a variety of sizes from small to large)

  • a cup to clean your brushes in

  • and 4-6 fabric items you’d like to art up


That's it! An itty -bitty tool kit!


What can you art on? Anything that is white or a very light colored fabric.  The more cotton there is in it, the better it takes the color.  The “proper” amount is no more than 20% synthetic but I do 40% all the time because I buy very inexpensive t-shirts.


In a perfect world all the clothes would be pre-washed to remove sizing but Carolyn never does that even though she “should” and has never had a problem. 


How much should you bring? Bring at 4 -6 items like t-shirts, button down shirts, skirts, aprons, canvas totes, canvas sneakers, fabric, or anything else you you’ve got.

Come and feel the freedom of play as you create colorful wearable art!  

What to Bring

An itty bitty supply kit


  1. a sharpie marker

  2. scissors

  3. paint brushes (a variety of sizes from small to large)

  4. a cup to clean your brushes in

  5. 4-6 fabric items you’d like to art up.

Complimentary Tasty Boxed Lunch provided with iced tea, lemonade, and H20. 

Soda available at downstairs cafe The Craft Kitchen. 

Gourmet coffee available across the street at Triple Moon Coffee Company. 

Pendleton Art Center

Upstairs Gallery

Pendleton Art Center the "PAC"

1105 Central Ave

Middletown, OHIO 45044

The big purple building with an orange awning on Central Ave in the hub of downtown Middletown.

All about downtown Middletown



What to Expect

  1. JUST BE YOU:  This is a judgment free, non-competitive, just have a darn good time experience. You are perfect just the way you are. 

  2. COMFORT ZONE NUDGES: Allow yourself to expand your craft and welcome the beauty of imperfection. 

  3. DRESS 4 MESS: Bring an apron [or gloves if you’re worried about your hands] because we'll be making beautiful messes!


The heart of the matter is creative immersion. Process vs Product. Experience vs Event. Deep Dive vs. Surface Skimming.


You are our valued guest! We invite you to circle up, relax and enjoy your experience.

Ticket Refunds

Due to event and instructor’s financial commitments, room reservations, planning, supply purchasing that is going to make this an amazing event for you, this is a no refund event.

What if you can't come after you have purchased your ticket? 

It is understandable that “life happens” and unforeseen circumstances may prevent you from attending a ticketed event. In the case where you cannot participate, please notify me as soon as possible. If there is a waiting list, I will put you in contact with a the person on the list to coordinate possible arrangements for the sale of your ticket. If a transaction is mutually agreed upon and completed, your spot in the event will be transferred to the other person.

In case of cancellation due to inclement weather, instructor cancellation or unpredictable circumstances notification will be made as soon as possible via text message, email and provided contact emergency information. Refunds will be given within 5 days of the date of the unexpected cancellations.

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