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Thank you All who have been virtually sharing our Quest to the Women's Museum of California to explore our Mother's archival records.

I have felt your heartfelt presence. Some of you have asked to know more about our Mother {🖤} I will be honored to share in the near future.

My head feels like a file cabinet, my heart like a blender >> a Ninja Chef High Speed on max. Feeling both processy + protective of the treasures we collected. 53 yrs is a long time to wait to cross the great divide to find ourselves in a woman we longed to love.

Even though she yearned to connect She’d rather stay Lost to avoid the pain of being Found. To avoid a Departure, there were never any Arrivals. Her energies spent on causes + crusades assured a heart from rebreaking. . .

The gift of stories to fill up the missing chapters are forthcoming. We want to share - they are family stories of the human experience. They are raw, ironic + relatable. As the eldest child And the one who was both praised + punished for Being her lookalike - I am compelled to seek continued revelations, healing + Story Telling. She is teaching me great truths. 🖤 xoxo Glenda

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