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soul mantras

One of the many things I adore about Mary Beth Shaw is her willingness to share herself so openly.

Whether it is parts of her life story, glorious spreads from her personal journal pages or gentle nudges to break rules and make mistakes; her authenticity and vulnerability invites us to expand and share with one another.

Her parts became a whole experience for fortunate us. Figuratively and literally we got to circle up and make parts from art techniques, StencilGirl applications and tricks of the trade into whole masterpieces at her recent Mixed Media Soul Mantras mini retreat March 15th + 16th at the Pendleton Art Center Middletown.

going rogue

Mixed media encourages endless techniques and a contagion of media combinations. As I wandered around the gallery I was delighted to see twenty-one people sharing ideas and expressing diverse creations! Even though Mary Beth inspired the same to all, everyone was expressing their own personal style. Shout out to a few sister rogue creators. They respectfully took in what was offered and accepted the invitation to do as they wished with it. Being a rogue creator myself, I entirely expect + appreciate these kinda makers. { wink wink }

Speaking of going rogue, did you see Mary Beth's Behind the Scenes VLOG for Soul Mantras?

Those flying stencils though ...

Big Love + Gratitude to all of our beloved guests who came from California, Kentucky, Tennessee, South Carolina, Indiana, Ohio, Illinois and Missouri.

Some guests were surprised to find my lil secret of SGP artist designers Mary Nasser and Karen Johnson upon arrival. Several were heartened by Mildred Brandenburg AKA "Nana" who reminded us of the art of lifelong learning.

I was honored to pamper guests with some downtown Middletown handmade love from a few of my "up and coming Central Ave" fave entrepreneurs; Mockingbirds Cafe, Posh Nosh, Central Pastry, Grandpa Joe's, Gracie's and Triple Moon Coffee Company. YUMMY!

Thank you for showing up, sharing your gifts and joining the hullabaloo of Creative Communion.

"But what is art other than revealing human nature."

Marina Abramovic

Would you like to be a part of the next Mary Beth Shaw | StencilGirl experience at the Pendleton Art Center tentative Spring 2020? We sure hope so! Sign up for interchange to get first dibs.

If this is your kinda vibe, please check out Stenciled + Sprayed with Carolyn Dube, Dreamy Dwellings with me and Dollems with Kecia Deveney. . . and sign up for notification for event page announcement for Nellie Wortman's 2020 Excavating and Digging through the Layers book retreat!

Until soon,



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